Thursday, January 21, 2010

Going to the cinema

Wednesday 20th January.

Another non-school day.  I am wondering whether to take the children to the cinema instead of taking them to the library like any other Wednesday.

We have a small cinema in our town.  It is actually very cute, none of these horror massive cinemas that you find in the city.  Our cinema is a little cute hall that resembles one of those cinemas that you see in very early films.  The seats are modern and comfortable, but the hall and the décor are very old fashion looking.   You won’t find any popcorn or drinks in this hall.  Here people come to see the film; the eating is done before or after.    

Going to the cinema in my small town is not as easy as you might think.  It requires strategic planning.  For a start, they are only open certain days during the week, from Wednesday to Monday.  On Wednesday there are always two shows one in the afternoon, usually at 14:30 and one at night around 20:30.  For some reason on Wednesday you only pay 5 euros a ticket, instead of the usual 6 euros.  Usually on Thursdays and Fridays, the cinema is only open for one show at 20:30.   Saturday is a funny day, it really depends on how the cinema operator is feeling because sometimes they offer only one show and other times two.  Sunday is a big day with 3 shows.  Mondays, we go back to only one film a day, unless of course it is a holiday week, then we have the right to 3 films.  Of course, living in a small French village, there are also days that the cinema is supposed to be open but it is either too hot or too cold, so the cinema operator decides to keep the cinema close for the day.  You never know here…

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