Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spring is Here

Spring is finally here and with it, the fields are full of colour again.   We have been spoiled with a choice of wild flowers and perennials coming back brightly after a hard winter.  These are my favourite ones:

Peony flowers, from the garden, in bright pink.

I think it is a miracle that we could have these lovely flowers after the extremely hard winter that we had.  The peony bush/tree had dissapeared completely and then all of a sudden there it was back again, first a few leaves and then a bunch of fragant bright pink peonies!

Several plants died over the winter but most of them have managed to make it through.  It is amazing that we only lost one rose tree and one of the peach trees in the garden.   Even the wild strawberries managed to make their way through the abandoned back garden where the boys were trying to save them a few weeks ago.  Have a look for yourself below and see my two favourite boys trying to save the strawberries:

The season starts now, it is time to go out and enjoy the first rays of sun and the balmy afternoons while taking care of your garden making sure you respect the wildlife.  Remember that all those little wild flowers in your garden are the foodsource of numerous buttlerflies and insects and therefore of the birds that feed on them.  Try to leave a few corners wild and set little water containers so that insects and birds have access to water.  Another good idea is to mow your lawn with the mower set on a higher setting to leave enough wild daisies and other plants for insect and bird feeding.

Enjoy the Spring!

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